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We bring our passion for the game to all of our poker strategy videos, and this enthusiasm is not only palpable - it’s contagious. This means our wisdom will stay with you long after the lesson is over, and you can bring it to the table, and then take it to the bank.  

So if you want to learn how to reason your way in and out of any hand with guillotine sharp precision, or master of the art of tilt-free playing, or make the tricky transition from online to live games, or anything and everything in between, then look no further than our solid collection of poker strategy videos. 

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How To Deal With A Downswing

Evan Jarvis

Losing isn't fun, and nobody plays as well when they're losing - as they do when they're winning. Don't worry, you're not alone. Everyone deals with their lows but this video will help you prevent turning that low into a downward spiral. In this episode of Project Get Me Stackin', Evan introduces some techniques you can use to get your head straight and back on the game. These techniques help you take the fear and worry out of your system before you hop back on the tables to get back to your winnings ways.