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The road to success is long, but we can help you get there with substance and style. Our eBooks have been an uncontested hit, offering up invaluable insight into the game with iron-clad strategy and tried-and-tested tips you can bank on. Our hand ranking charts are a quick,easy and sure-fire way to refine your edge and get a one-up on the competition. 

So check it out. Sure, poker has five mean streets of action, but with the swag and swagger afforded by our merchandise and publications, you'll be the coolest kid at the river. Hands down.

Tournament Grinder Bundle

Tournament Grinder Bundle

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$30 Digital Download

Includes a copy of my MTT Strategy Guide and a 3 month subscription to ICMIZER.

  • MTT Strategy Guide regular price $8
  • ICMIZER 3 month subscription regular price $30


You will receive your ICMIZER subscription key via email within 1-2 days of your purchase.


MTT Strategy Guide: I’ve packed my MTT Strategy Guide with tips, tricks and tools to help you every step of the way, from registration all the way to the final table. By the end, you’ll have an invaluable basis of information that’ll help you dominate every tournament setting, from your weekly Friday night tourney to world-renowned events like the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour.

ICMIZER: ICMIZER is online ICM poker calculator software for pre-flop push fold calculations. This poker calculator will find the correct decision in any pre-flop situation. ICMIZER will improve your pre-flop game, allowing you to identify your weaknesses and focus on them. It will also help evaluate your progress as you work to correct your holes and strengthen your game.




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