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Success! Thank you for signing up for the Carbon Poker tournaments. To track the points you earn in the tournaments, we need your username for your Carbon account.

Exisiting Account
Option 1: Already added your username
If you already have a Carbon Poker account and already added your username on the signup form - then you're good to go play!
Option 2: Didn't add your username
Or, if you didn't add your username to the signup form, follow the directions below.
New Account
If you are a new Carbon player, sign up here then register your username below:

Registering Your Username With Gripsed:

Your username needs to be registered with us so we can track the points you earn in the tournaments. Follow these steps to register your username:

1. Look for the eamail sent from Gripsed titled "Welcome to the Summer League: Register Your Username"

2. In the email, click the "Register Your Username" button

3. Click the (edit contact information) link

4. Add your username and click "Submit"

Once your username is registered, you will earn points for the Summer League Leaderboard in all the applicable Carbon events that you play.

Playing In The Events

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1. Click on the "Tournaments" tab, then the "Private" tab

2. Look for the Summer League events "Gripsed WSOP League - Six Max" & "Gripsed WSOP League - Sunday Showdown"

3. Register for the events using the password GETSTACKIN.

Look for the weekly emails for updates on the Summer League and reminders on tournament start times!