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Summer League Winners

You showed up to the events, battled for 13 weeks, grinded the tables during those Free Mondey Fridays, but in the end only one Gripster could be named Summer League Champion.

Thanks to all the Team Gripsed members and guests who participated in the Summer League. So many of you came out week after week determined to be take down an event, knock me out on Free Money Friday or even to just win a free copy of the MTT Guide. And that's why the Summer League was so great - because of Team Gripsed! Thanks for making 2014 OUR YEAR!

Final Results

  1. Richard B "DTox2k | Unix2k" (381.5 points)
  1. Mogens BR "Mcayy" (283 points)
  2. Samuel K "KingsUpyourAce | AceCracker91" (213.5 points)
  3. Rodney G "st4ck1ngurch1p51 | chipmeup480" (206 points)
  4. "Verg1lius" (189.5 points)
  5. Frank L "ovfranklin | pokerscars67" (186 points)
  6. Jason L "ChefJasonUSA9" (154 points)
  7. Chris G "LordWalderFrey | TwentySider" (152 points)
  8. "ivankr89" (124 points)
  9. Jasenko F "jasenko456" (122 points)
  1. "iFeelGroggy" (117.5 points)
  2. Louis F "ZenMaster13" (116 points)
  3. "McDabr" (108.5 points)
  4. Chris U "Chicago Wind | urbyone" (106.5 points)
  5. James M "itsnotluck" (97 points)
  6. "jumper234" (90.5 points)
  7. "0falc" (77.5 points)
  8. Hilair B "Flushed_77 | Call2HB" (70.5 points)
  9. Wolfgang M "Gnagi" (70.5 points)
  10. Grant S "breckboss" (70 points)
  11. Marko V "bpnkljst" (67.5 points)
  12. Matt P "mattpowner" (63 points)
  13. Allen W "xKingsfillx" (63 points)
  14. Evan J "Gripsed | SenorPokes" (61 points)
  15. "xxjayjayxx" (61 points)
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League Stats

Total Players: 2400
Total Summer League Points: 6800
Total Winnings: $12,730 + $1400 in Gripsed Prizes

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What's Next?

The next project is in the works Team Gripsed. Our next promo will be bigger and better, as we want to pad your bankrolls even more and progress your skills even further. Catch future details and announcements by signing up for Team Gripsed or connecting with us on Facebook.