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There's a lot going on in the poker world, so I've laid out the most important events and dates happening this month. These are the special tournaments and events that don't happen every month - the ones you want to know about and want to be playing.

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It doesn’t get much bigger than PlayFTOPS – 31 events with a combined prize pool of over 2.25 billion Play Chips, running from Sunday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 16th. In addition to massive payouts, the exclusive PlayFTOPS avatar will be awarded to the winner of each event.


EventDateTime (ET)GameTypeBuy In Guarantee
#1Sun, Aug 213:30NL Hold'em6-Max, Re-Entry30k 5,000,000
#2Sun, Aug 215:30NL Hold'emMulti-Entry1m 500,000,000
#3Mon, Aug 317:30FL Stud H/LRe-Entry10k 1,000,000
#4Mon, Aug 319:30NL Hold'em5-Max100k 10,000,000
#5Tue, Aug 417:30NL Omaha H/L6-Max30k 3,000,000
#6Tue, Aug 419:30NL Hold'emMonster Rebuy10k 5,000,000
#7Wed, Aug 517:30NL Hold'em 300k 25,000,000
#8Wed, Aug 519:30FL 2-7 TD6-Max30k 3,000,000
#9tdu, Aug 617:30NL Hold'emRush Rebuy10k 3,000,000
#10tdu, Aug 619:30NL Hold'emMulti-Entry1m 75,000,000
#11Fri, Aug 717:30PL 6O6-Max30k 3,000,000
#12Fri, Aug 719:30NL Hold'emRe-Entry100k 10,000,000
#13Sat, Aug 813:30PL Omaha H/L6-Max100k 5,000,000
#14Sat, Aug 815:30NL Hold'em 300k 30,000,000
#15Sun, Aug 913:30NL Hold'emMulti-Entry1m 100,000,000
#16Sun, Aug 915:30NL Hold'emRush100k 10,000,000
#17Sun, Aug 917:30NL Hold'em6-Max, Mega Stack300k 30,000,000
#18Mon, Aug 1017:30FL Hold'em8-Max100k 5,000,000
#19Mon, Aug 1019:30NL Hold'emKnockout300k 30,000,000
#20Tue, Aug 1117:30NL Hold'em6-Max1m 100,000,000
#21Tue, Aug 1119:30PL HA8-Max30k 3,000,000
#22Wed, Aug 1217:30NL Hold'em 100k 5,000,000
#23Wed, Aug 1219:30FL Razz 300k 15,000,000
#24tdu, Aug 1317:30NL Hold'em6-Max, Monster Rebuy10k 5,000,000
#25tdu, Aug 1319:30NL Hold'em 300k 30,000,000
#26Fri, Aug 1417:30ML 25 Game6-Max, Re-Entry100k 5,000,000
#27Fri, Aug 1419:30NL Hold'em 1m 100,000,000
#28Sat, Aug 1513:30PL OmahaDouble Chance1m 75,000,000
#29Sat, Aug 1515:30NL Hold'em 300k 30,000,000
#30Sun, Aug 1613:30NL Hold'emMega Stack300k 30,000,000
MainSun, Aug 1615:30NL Hold'emMulti-Entry10m 1,000,000,000

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