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What I've Learned in 2016

Evan Jarvis

You've probably been wondering what exactly I've been doing with my time and energy the past 11 and a half months. I haven't been playing much poker, live or online. And I haven't been making much YouTube content either.

So what gives? Why, when I'm at my peak momentum, would I disappear?

Well, I did have some revelations about the dark side of achievement. Especially involving tournament poker success. Check out my recent article on the Truth About Tournaments.

And I really wanted to expand my life so that I could be having a fuller experience. In short, I've been doing a little bit of living, and a whole lot of learning.

Listen to this podcast to get a sample of all the out there areas I've been studying.

As a result of obsessively focusing on performance and achievement, I pushed myself a bit farther than my body could handle. And I realized I didn't know how to bring it back into balance. I realized that when it came to the most important areas for health and happiness; those being food, friends and family, I'd lost sight of how to approach those areas. The only thing I really knew how to approach at the time was the poker table.

So I started learning, I started learning about myself, my physiology, what makes me tick on a physical, emotional and energetic level. I started learning the same about other people, and ultimately how relationships work. I learned through reading, through attending workshops, through practicing on myself, and through casual conversations. By joining into the dance of life, I expanded my experience greatly, and my potential for enjoyment as a result. I'm so much more motivated to work now, to generate wealth, because I can see what it's leading to: a better life for myself and those I care about.

Here's a short list of the topics I've been studying (which you can hear more about in this podcast I recently did with Daryl Jace above).

Neuroscience - making your mind matter and taking control of your thoughts and life. 

Nutrition - how different types of foods have different effects on output.

Science of supplementation - Chinese herbs and the power of tea.

Stages of psychological development- how our earliest years set the stage for the rest of our lives and exercises we can do to overcome those initial 'imprints'.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi - practicing martial arts to control energy and urges, learning how to save energy for later use rather than wasting it in the world.

Taoist Sexual Practice - how to be a multi orgasmic man (yes you read that right).

Sound Healing - using music to remove emotional blocks and regain range of motion and ignite the intelligence of the body (this includes listening to, and making our own sound and music).

Healing with Breath - breathing to energize the body, breathing to supercharge the body, breathing to process emotional trauma, breathing to relax and rest the body and mind.

Healing with Mudra - there lies great power and control in your hands.

Healing with stretch - yoga to unwind the energy lines and unblock the meridians which connect to all the essential organs, relieving pressure and improving function.

Massage Therapy - using physical touch to improve blood flow, flexibility, relieve tension, and improve overall function.

Energy Work - using light touch to heal the subtle, energetic, emotional body.

Float Therapy - the power of isolation, antigravity, magnesium and deep meditation.

Color and Light Therapy - the power of changing your filter to change your mood.

Chakra Therapy - deep healing on all levels for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies
ancient wisdom about the nature of life: Tao te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, The Tarot, Natural Law.

It's crazy to see how long that list really is when I type it out. It's easy to lose sight of how much we've actually accomplished unless we take the time to reflect.

Fun exercise if you wanna try: write out a list of all the new things you learned and experiences you had this year, and write them in a comment below! I'd love to hear what you've been up to : )

The main things I realized were:

  1. There are certain forces in play, that cannot be ignored, and must be follow if I want to have the most enjoyable experience while I'm here on earth.
  2. The power to unlock my full potential has already been studied in depth, it's simply a matter of accessing it through study, and applying it through practice.
  3. Anything is possible given a strong enough desire and a long enough time frame.

I've had a lot of help throughout this year in the forms of friends and mentors. And I would especially like to thank my body-worker Bryon Brewster who saw me every other week, and was the one to point out "It feels like you're trying to live someone else's life". With his help I was able to integrate the strange feelings and revelations that would come up after each session of deep reflection and removal of blocks. If it weren't for him I would still be stuck in the endless chase that's known as the rat race. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a great guide and friend in this process. As much as we want to think we can, we can't do it all on our own.

As I've learned to use my body to it's full potential, making use of all the capacities of breath, movement, mind, sound, touch my life has changed completely. My priorities have shifted to ones that are in alignment with long term success for myself and for those around me. I've transformed from someone who was completely addicted to the grind, completely self centered, to someone who is beginning to see the bigger picture and realizing how I can use my energies wisely to positive affect it. The primary message I received throughout the year was "you have to learn to really heal yourself on the deepest level before you can heal others".

I'm ready to say that time is now. So if you're looking for some healing, if you're looking to make positive changes in your life and change your path to one that you feel good about walking then I invite you to set up a private coaching session with me, so that we can shift your beliefs to one's that will make those changes happen!

Book a session with me for 2017!

P.S. If you're interested in reading up on any of these topics, I'd be more than happy to share my book list with you so that you can get acquainted with the material. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment.