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The latest news about the Gripsed team and updates for 

Team Update - April 2

Evan Jarvis

What up Team!

Lots to cover in this update so let's jump right into it! Firstly, let's show some real props to the man Charlie Carrel for his deep run in the EPT Malta High Roller Event this weekend. In case you missed it (I don't know how you'd miss this hype...) Charlie finished 5th in the live event for nearly €200k - way to get stackin!!

The rest of the team got stackin too and a big shoutout to everyone who shared their results with the team on Twitter this week! You guys are the real champions!


  • Leaderboards will be out soon, I promise! We're just putting together all the results for you guys.
  • There's still 8 weeks left...and it's only your top 6 scores that count so everyone still has a very fair chance
  • New division added!! Partypoker division with 2 new events (with added free money)

For new players, but if you already have an account no worries, you can play this division from Bwin, Party or WPT. Level playing field + lower buyin + free money? Get stackin! 

Need a way to move money from PokerStars so you can play our 1% club events?

Check out my video on Neteller/Skrill + Get a Free $20 when you sign up for a new Skrill account!


Another big Sunday on Twitch with $1M FTOPS Main Event and the $1M MicroMillions Main. Team Gripsed had a deep run, Assassinato finishing 15th in the Sunday 500 after getting 1-outed by BigDogPck5s... Big Dog went on to take 6th in the Sunday 500 and 15th in the MicroMillions Main Event (out of 60k runners)... Another great day for Twitch Poker!

We will continue to host the best channels on the Gripsed stream, so come tune in, collect G-chips and let master Gripsed put you on to the best poker teachers out there in the twitcherverse! 

What was your best finish in MicroMillions?

Let us know on Twitter! We already know there were 2 winners...but did we miss any??? Don't miss your shoutout opportunities!


Bringing Back Theory Thursday!!

Celebrating Success of Team Gripsed in MicroMillions, I will be reviewing Victor's Victory in the $8.80 Progressive Super Knockout for over $12k. KO's don't play like normal MTTs, get ready to Learn!

Start time will be 5:00pm ET, stream will probably run 4-6 hours.

Free Money Friday

Everyone's favourite Home Games club and weekly tournaments are back. Must play events:

  • $200 added on Party
  • $50 added on Netbet
  • $200 freeroll on Carbon
  • $500 added on ACR

Free buy-ins will be up for grabs just like every week so make sure to tune in to the stream to win! 

Click here for more details and to join.

Get Stackin Saturday

GSS is back after missing a stream last week. Your continuation to Friday's best tournaments! Must play events:

  • $100 added on Bwin
  • $200 added on WillHill
  • $500 added on Carbon
  • ACR Sweet Spot ($1 event for leaderboard points)

Let's kickoff our new Partypoker division properly and have a celebration, if you're having trouble depositing or moving money around check out my e-wallet video above! 


It's 2 weeks now we've been trying to hit the sub goal and coming up short, so this week I'm going to help by giving away from free subscriptions to the viewers!! There are tons of ways to participate, and the more ways you enter the more ways you have to win, here is how you can play!

Twitter Contest - share the tweet mentioned on the stream - 1 winner Friday, 1 winner Saturday

Facebook Contest - share the post mentioned on the stream - 1 winner Friday, 1 winner Saturday

Pre-Reg Contest - register early for any of the must-play events listed above and 1 winner will be picked for each event on Friday & Saturday! (That's 8 subs right there!!)

We have 2 new AWESOME emoted waiting to be unveiled and all we need is 25 more subs to unlock them! Don't forget subs earn double G-Chips which are about to be worth a whole lot more too! I'm giving out 22 subs myself, but the sooner we hit the goal the sooner we can get those help out Team Gripsed and click this purple button!!