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Team Update - April 16

Evan Jarvis

What up Team!

Big news in the world of Twitch Poker! Firstly, congrats to Jaime Staples and his new partnership with PokerStars! Jaime is doing big things with Twitch and is helping bring tons of new players to the platform. 

Now, on our end...

I know I've said I don't care about being the #1 stream on Twitch... but that doesn't mean I don't want you watching the best. So I went ahead and found someone who I strongly believe will be the #1 poker streamer on Twitch. It's only a matter of time

Griffin Benger Joins Twitch & Team Gripsed!

Griffin is not only one of the best tournament players in the world, but he has a great personality built for streaming. Plus he's got a great background with the whole competitive gaming area from when he was the best in the world at Counter Strike.

Griffin will be streaming Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. He'll be playing the highest stakes MTTs including the Super Tuesday, Thursday Thrill, Sunday Million and more!

I highly, highly recommend you follow his stream and subscribe (when you're able to), Griffin is going to be the next big thing.

If you guys are liking Griff's stream tweet @GriffinBenger to show him some love. If I know Griff, and I do very well, there's nothing that makes him happier than receiving love on Twitter. Seriously... nothing.

Want to know more about Griffin Benger?

Yeah, he's a legend.


On a more personal note, here a recap on the Gripsed stream...

I got my new computer so no more complaining about the webcam being -2 FPS (seriously, it's good now). Well it wasn't until the new computer crashed. How does a guy who tries so hard to just give away great free value to his team have so much bad luck getting a proper set up! 

Twitch Highlights (Subs only):

  • We had a 114 follow train with some Mario hype! (video)
  • NEW REVIEW: Full Tilt Classic $30k first place win (video)
  • $100 donation from our favourite MistressDD ;)
  • How to raid a stream...nicely (video)

Have you joined our stream raids yet?!

At the end of every stream, we come together to have some fun on other streamer's channels. Usually... attractive... streamers and shower them with awesomeness! 

Our #1 stream supporter of the week! (MistressDD)


Charlie final tabled the Full Tilt Major Sunday finishing 8/9. Not bad. What's even better could be his EPT Monaco play. The EPT Grand Final is coming up really soon and look who got a little feature from PokerNews on players to watch out for:


Gave out over 25 free subscriptions last week. All you gotta do is watch and play. One contest only had 3 entrants (1 in 3 chance for $5). I'm giving you guys all the opportunities to come play and watch.


Your favourite Friday stream with nearly $1000 in added prizes to our exclusive events. Must play events:

  • $200 added on Party
  • $50 added on Netbet
  • $200 freeroll on Carbon
  • $500 added on ACR


The follow up to Free Money Friday! Must play events: 

  • $100 added on Bwin
  • $200 added on WillHill
  • $500 added on Carbon
  • ACR Sweet Spot


Win a ton of free shit just by watching the streams and playing in the games! So here's what and how you can win:

  • Facebook shares on Friday & Saturday
  • Retweets on Friday & Saturday
  • Registering early to the must play events on Fri & Sat

If you want more details on how to win or which posts or whatever, just join the stream any of those days and I or the mods will help!

1% club has 10 weeks remaining! 

To give you a better chance to win we will be adding some social divisions to the league. More details to follow.

With Griff soon to be the #1 Streamer, Charlie to be the #1 talked about player in the live world, we've really put together the team that will be the #1 poker training site come year end.

All that's left is to make Gripsed the #1 talked about site in the poker world and that's where you come in! Be social! 

Tweet at us what your favorite thing about Gripsed Poker Training is...and use our NEW hashtag: #1

See ya'll tomorrow!