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Trump Wins. Is 2016 the year of the Impossible?

Evan Jarvis

If Qui Nguyen can win the WSOP Main Event. And Donald trump can become President of the United States of America. Then truly we are living in a time of the unexpected, the improbable, the unbelievable.

What have you always wanted that you didn't pursue because you thought it was 'impossible'?

I invite you to embrace the times we live in and to embark on your personal 'mission impossible'. We are living in a special time when the seemingly impossible is actually possible. And the once thought improbable is actually quite likely when the right energy is behind it.

It is time to empower your main, so that you can transcend the grind. A time to nourish and invest in your dreams so that you can experience a new way of being.

What would life look, feel, taste, smell, sound and feel like at the end of 2017 if you committed to investing your energy into yourself, your dreams, and your passions starting today? What would life be like if you started saying no to all the distractions, to the desires of others, and started truly saying yes to yourself, and meaning it? To say yes and to back it up with the action to manifest those dreams into realities?

I invite you to write out the story of that life, the final destination, and any fun highlights along the way, and to send that email to your future self with

I promise you, you will be absolutely blown away by your performance. Just ask Charlie Carrel. Seriously, he emailed himself when he first started out.

The time to start building your dreams is now. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start writing your future... If you don't start writing your future, someone else is going to write it for you... And how has that left you feeling so far?

Whatever it is, write it, own it, love it. When you put love into something growth and development are guaranteed, its just one of many laws of the universe. It's your life: dream it, design it ... Then just do it!

Don't believe me? Read my story which I wrote in my mind well before it came into being in the real world...

Want more guidance? Check out my winning system... aka how you can use the secret to manifest life changing events and peak experiences.