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Steven Tabb's WPT Rolling Thunder $122k Score

Evan Jarvis


Steve Tabb's story isn't just another thumbs up, it's a look at what the "Gripsed" philosophy is all about. 

Firstly, a big congrats to Steven who just placed third in the WPT Rolling Thunder for a very nice $122,000. It's a significant cash for any poker player and some serious life changing money.

Steven is a friend and fellow Team Gripster. You may have even read his blog he wrote a year ago about the very challenges we try to prepare for. (link at the bottom of email)

Steven realized the demand and harshness of the tournament grind and decided to roll back his live tournament play to get more control over his life and his hours in the day. He cut back his tournament grind by over 75% realizing the affect it has over his poker performance and his life goals.

Now instead of relying on volume (which is emotional and physically draining), he can use tournament selection and preparation to give himself an edge over the competition. 

And it paid off. 

Congrats Steven on a great performance and respecting yourself with a better poker/life balance!

Professional MTT player Steven Tabb discusses 4 major challenges to live tournament circuit poker players from his experience in over 8 years of MTTs.

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