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New Partnership with Red Chip Poker

Evan Jarvis

I've got some exciting news to share with the team. I've officially partnered with the awesome guys at Red Chip Poker to become a new instructor with them!

The Red Chip Poker guys have awesome collection of cash game videos, advanced poker strategy books and articles. They've always been one of my favourite resources to go to when studying outside of my MTT material. I look to bring my MTT experience and knowledge to the team. 

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So what does this mean for Gripsed?
Nothing! remains the same. My partnership just means that I'll be doing some additional content with them every month. So signup to check it out!

Review your MTT history!
The first thing I'll be doing is an MTT review. If you have a tournament you want reviewed, this may be your chance! You just need to submit it to the Red Chip Poker forums here.

New Video!
Check out my newest video:

New MTT Review lined up!
You guys have been asking and it's finally coming. A new MTT review is coming very soon of a recent $7k win I had. I'm working on it now so expect it to be sometime soon!

New Forum is in Development!
We're working on hard to bringing the next evolution to! Our new "forum" will be a community platform built at connecting and strengthening the team as a whole. It's unlike any forum you've ever seen before :)

All players who have signed up the the email list at will get an exclusive beta member invite!

If you have any questions for me or ideas, feel free to contact me!