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Colorado Training Camp with

Evan Jarvis is hosting a 7 day poker camp in the Colorado Rockies for a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only is this a getaway experience in a pristine Colorado villa, it's a chance to get some serious poker coaching. There'll be 4 coaches there (including me as a student) learning the intricacies of heads-up poker. 

When: There are 2x 7-day camps available.

  • Sep 20 - 27
  • Sep 27 - Oct 4

Where: Keystone, Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 90 minutes from Denver.

Cost: $1900 - $3300 depending on the type of room you want (plus airfare).

What's Included:

  • Room (shared or private)
  • Minimum 15 hours of private coaching
  • Plenty more informal coaching and strategy talk
  • All breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)
  • Laundry & cleaning service
  • Transportation (airport, restaurants, activities)

Rooms Available: individual suite ($3300) and group room ($1900)

For more info about the coaches that will attending and the trip itself, click here.

Why you should attend

  • A great opportunity to learn from some of the game's best & brightest players
  • Chance to kick it with me and meet like-minded players
  • Excellent opportunity to connect with a long-term study buddy who's all-in just like you
  • Total immersion training experiences give 10-100x the benefit of self study 
  • Hosted in an idyllic mountain paradise - get a mix of great outdoors while your improve your game

Why I'm Attending

  • Heads-up and 3-handed play has always been my weakest area and to become a world champion I need to be well versed in all aspects of my game
  • The easiest & fastest way to improve a skill is to learn from people who are doing that skill at the highest level ( has been the authority on heads-up strategy for a long time)
  • I'm always looking to meet new poker friends and have new experiences - this is too perfect to pass up

I know it's a lot of money, but believe it's worth it on so many levels. A lot is included in this experience for a 7-day camp (room, food, booze, transportation, coaching).

15 hours of coaching from 4 pros is worth the money alone. Think about it, an average poker coach charges $100 per hour. That would be $1500. For $1900 you're getting PRO coaching plus the trip of a lifetime. 

Remember this is a pilot project by these guys to see if this works, this isn't a money making scheme (far from it). "My goal has always been to give people the highest value, I've never been interested in charging people for something if I don't feel it's worth it" - Ryan, owner of HUSNG. 

I will be there for the second session, Sep 27 to Oct 4th. If you can only make it the first week, I still strongly encourage you to attend. Training with this team is going to be an absolute game changer, and an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Interested in Attending?

A lot of spots will be filled by now so I don't personally know all that is left. But if you're interested, simply email for more info or to book your trip. Or you can email me if you want more info from me. They can also help book a flight if you need one.

Can't Attend?

Let us know why. I'm interested in trying to plan something like this in the future hosted by us Gripsters.