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Mental Game & Life Strategy

The ability to set goals and the discipline it takes to achieve those goals without letting the rest of your life suffer are two of the most important things you need to master in order to improve as a poker player and begin getting serious about becoming a pro. One of the best parts of playing poker is getting out into the real world, playing in person, meeting new people and going on crazy adventures. This is also the riskiest part of the game because it takes you away from your comfort zone, and leaves you playing without your safety net. The solid footing of any healthy lifestyle depends balance and control, and a thriving poker lifestyle is no exception. Set realistic goals and learn to govern yourself so that you’re always working towards achieving your goals without letting the other, more glamorous things hinder your success. 

Table strategy is great to know, but you'll also need to understand how to manage yourself off the table to maximize your edge - and here’s where things get personal. I invite you to keep up-to date on my life and times as a poker player, and learn from my experiences so that you can learn from my triumphs and avoid my mistakes.  Any pro poker player will tell you your  mind is your most powerful weapon. Sharpen it, nurture it, rest it and give it peace so you can take to the tables - and your life - with killer confidence. 

Making The Magic Happen

Evan Jarvis

It wasn't until after I'd tied up the final installment of my UCOP Revelation Series that I realized I wanted to give you a little something extra to help bring it all together, recap what we've talked about, and really highlight the benefits of what you can expect from going through the exercises (if you didn't do them the first time).

RECAP: The Method to My Madness

The purpose of this series was to help you harness the powers of focus, planning and reflection to achieve your goals and be successful in any area of life. It doesn't have to be poker.

Each lesson refined your schedule so it was more sustainable, supportive, and ultimately more successful. 

If you did all the exercises, not only will you have identified potential road blocks, personal limitations and external factors that hindered your success, but you learned about the importance of external rewards. You unearthed what makes you happy - truly happy - so you could factor that into your day to make the juice worth the squeeze. By doing this, you naturally motivate yourself to follow through. The challenge is more enjoyable, and no matter how tough it gets, you've got your eyes fixed firmly on the prize. 

We also talked about your 'dream team' - the people who are there to support you when the going gets tough. These are the people who will help keep you on track, or get you back on track if you veer off course. 

The series set out to help you set realistic goals, both in terms of your abilities and the timeframe. The exercises I provided exist to assist you in fine-tuning these goals until they were realistic in both regards. 

If you've done the exercises, I promise good things will start to happen. 

And to show you I practice what I preach, I will continue to do videos and articles outlining my own goals for the future, and how I continue to define and refine them to help me succeed. 

Keep checking back, and I'll keep you posted. I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me through the UCOP. While I didn't land in first place, seventh isn't bad and I'm proud of myself. I couldn't have done it without you. 

In the meantime, make sure your goals are in the forefront in your mind. My exercises encouraged you to write them out, so look at them right before bed and as soon as you wake up in the morning. Think of it is as quick meditation to honour your dream, whatever it may be.

Watch the video version below...