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Gripsed Holiday 2016 Sale

This amazing year is coming to a close. This is your chance to kickstart your 2017 with some new training materials and some discounts on some old favourites.


This amazing year is coming to a close. With so much learned and accomplished, 2016 was an incredible year, but 2017 is going to be even better. This is your chance to kickstart your 2017 with some new training materials and some discounts on some old favourites.

So if #2016IsTheYear then what will #2017 be? Leave your hashtag on Twitter and tag @gripsedpoker!



Discounted Coaching Packages


Poker & Life Coaching with Evan Jarvis

$150/hour (reg $300)

Hand reviews, theory discussion, bankroll building design, tournament strategy, how to use Pokertracker, etc. Anything poker related you need to fix leaks in your game. Or we can do my personal favorite exercise and design a gameplan to turn your dream into a reality as quickly as possible.

Note: after the holiday sale ends, poker coaching will go back to it's regular price of $300/hr and life coaching will be approx $200/hr.



New Training Guides

Ultimate Pre-Game & Post-Game Routines

Everything you need to get yourself in the zone before your poker session and what you need to do to properly cooldown after to be ready for the next one.

Length: 40 minutes

Price: $10

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Mental Game Mastery & Playing at Your Peak

Your state of mind when playing poker is just as important as any theory or concept. Learn the strategies to play at and stay at your peak every time.

Length: 90 minutes

Price: $20

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Simple Strategies for Tournament Poker

These fundamental strategies of tournament poker will influence 90% of your actions. Learn the simple tricks to preflop and postflop play, and boost your win-rate.

Length: 60 minutes

Price: $15

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These new guides are extracted from my WSOP Winning Formula Webinar, so if you own that already, don't worry about picking up these new guides. These are the 3 most influential topics from that webinar, condensed into shorter training modules.

The perfect compliment to these programs are my Peak Performance Audio Tracks. Which can be used to pre-game and post-game to train your brain to be in perfect mental state. Bonus tracks include "Second Wind", "Gamebreaker", and "Tilt Proof".



New Inspire T-shirt for 2017



Get inspired and represent your team with the newest Gripsed t-shirt.




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