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Grinder Poker Strategy

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Building Your Optimal Grind Station

Team Gripsed Community Blogger

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Poker is all about finding your edges. Building a winning environment is a way to set yourself up for success at the tables.  

First off, your playing area should be free of distraction. You shouldn’t have a television to tempt you or any toys to beckon for your attention. Find a quiet area conducive to focus and creativity. If you live with people, make it known that when you are in your poker space, you are not to be bothered. 

Post inspiring images, art, or a vision board in view of your grind station to help set the tone for your session. Put up a list of your goals nearby to help you keep your eye on the prize. Make sure that your area is aesthetically pleasing to you.  


Have your poker spot well organized and well lit, physical clutter can cause mental clutter. Also make sure that your space is comfortable and ergonomic as you’ll be spending a good chunk of time there, and don’t want to cause any pain or unnecessary wear and tear on your body. 

Prepare before playing by having water and healthy light snacks nearby. You don’t want to be half way into a session and need to get up and hunt down food. Make sure your food is light and healthy to ensure you don’t suffer from the sluggishness that can accompany a heavy meal. Remember after a dinner break, a lot of players lose their stacks, don’t let that be you!

Invest in your grind station; purchase a good chair, speakers/headphones (if you like to listen to music while you play), a good mouse, etc. Spend your money where you spend your time.

Building your optimal grind station will help you consistently bring your A-game to the tables, so you can Get Stackin’!

written by community blogger:
Jax Andree
Team Gripsed