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4 Ways Online Poker Forums Can Cost You Money

Evan Jarvis

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Internet poker forums are arguably the pioneers of social media, connecting people since the late 90's and allowing them to share ideas, perspectives and information. What a great innovation!

More specifically, poker forums have been popping up since the poker boom in the early 2000's, including Two Plus Two, PocketFives and countless others. And while you can get great information, meet friends and discuss the game you love, forums can easily lead you astray and in poker, that means loss of money.


Don’t get us wrong – we encourage you to participate in these forums and they should be a critical component to your development as a poker player. That said, we want to make sure you have the right perspective and some of the downfalls that come with these free resources.

#1 – most people on poker forums are losing players

Argue all you want, but most big winners on poker don’t want to give up their secrets, and don’t want to spend too much time posting on forums when they can be crushing at the tables. Often times, people post on forums are those who are looking for information to improve their game, vs trying to improve the game of others.

#2 – most poker players think they are way better than they actually are

We all know that guy, who knows everything, has seen everything and is right about everything. These types of people tend to spend time on internet forums in general. All too often you will find advice from these types of people on the internet forum, because they want to feel better about themselves by positioning themselves as your teacher/advisor.

#3 – some people post bad information to produce more losing players

Seems evil in a sense, but poker is a cut-throat game and it’s not unreasonable to think that some players will post misinformation in an attempt to get more players to play poorly, thus increasing their own win rates. We happen to know of a few players who openly admit to doing this.

#4 – poker evolves over time, forum archives are forever

How often do you search for a poker topic you’re interested in just to find several forum threads speaking to it directly? Don’t be fooled. If the thread was discussed in 2008, it is likely that the conclusions and information is not relevant in the game in 2013 and beyond.

We again want to stress, poker forums are a good resource and must be incorporated into your development plan. However, in order to fully leverage the insights from a forum, you must take the information with a grain of salt, understand the credibility of those who are providing advice and most importantly, you must decide for yourself what information you want to incorporate into your game and what information you want to ignore.