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Evan Jarvis Coaching

Specialized 1 on 1 Coaching with Evan Jarvis - Lead Instructor 

Finding the right coach for you is crucial to your development as a poker player. If you've watched my videos you know my style when it comes to poker and study, if you like my style then I'm sure I'll love to work with you.

Coaching is not a one size fits all service, and if you hire me you are going to get instruction that is custom tailored for your needs. My goal is to see you become the best poker player you can be, and whether your biggest leaks are strategy related or off the table, I can help. 

I've also taken countless training programs in the fields of personal development, eastern philosophy, health and lifestyle management. And, over the past few years I have received coaching from some of the biggest names in the poker world, I've learned what works for coaching, and what doesn't. When you hire Evan Jarvis to be your poker coach, you know exactly what you're going to get, that same awesome guy you watch on YouTube everyday, and I'm serious about getting you results.  -learn more about me :)

"The Gripsed poker training program helped become a winning poker player. From struggling at the 10NL cash game tables, I am now playing 25NL and even 50NL with confidence." - Lars Lubbers

Types of Coaching

In these 1 on 1 sessions I will help you identify what is holding you back from reaching your full potential as a poker player. I will help you identify holes in your mental game and give you tools to plug them. I will also help you with off the table advice so that you can be strong in all areas of your life. It doesn't matter how good you are at poker if you can't hold your life together away from the felt. Most importantly, I will help you construct a long term plan that you can follow to become the player and the person you want to be. Sessions will be held via Skype.
price: $250/hr or $350/90min

To get 1 on 1 or group coaching with Evan, please fill out the form below. This will help me understand what aspects you want to focus on and where you would like to improve.

Payment will be worked out over email with Evan through e-transfer or PayPal. All payment must be sent 72 hours before coaching session.

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