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Ben Heath Coaching

Specialized 1 on 1 Coaching with ben heath - MTT Instructor


'Ben ‘1don’tstop1’ Heath was playing 10NL on and off in February 2014 when he moved in with Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel and started taking poker more seriously. After moving up to playing 200 NLH Zoom he switched his focus to MTTs and moved quickly up the stakes and now plays most MTTs running with over $1.7 million in live cashes, his most recent result coming from a $750,000 score for 2nd place in the 2017 Aussie Millions main event. 

'Ben has experience coaching people at all stages of their poker career and really enjoys helping players find out where they can improve their game and then getting them to the next level.'

Types of Coaching

I offer MTT coaching for both live and online MTTs. I ask that you prepare a topic beforehand, which can either be something specific that you’re struggling with, or it could be a hand history you want to go through, or just 3-4 hands you want to look at in depth. To get the most out of the coaching it’s best that you have spent some time by yourself beforehand thinking about what it is you want to go over, so that you can explain to me your thought process and we can target the main leaks you have. Sessions will be held via Skype.
price: $300/hr

To book a session with Ben, please fill out the form below. This will help me understand what aspects you want to focus on and where you would like to improve.

Payment will be worked out over email with Ben through e-transfer or PayPal. All payment must be sent 72 hours before coaching session.

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