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Cash Game Crash Course

Gripsed Cash Game Crash Course

Everything you need to know to play poker like a pro

This extensive book will teach you the fundamentals and understandings of successful cash game play - essentially, everything you need to know to play poker like a pro. Perfect for any skill-level player and any style of player. I've packed my book with more than double the information of my MTT Guide plus added completed updated visuals. I guarantee if you take these lessons to heart and act on them, you'll see improvements in your game. Just see what others had to say.
The perfect guide for any new or aspiring professional poker player

includes the gripsed hand range charts

Included free with the Gripsed Cash Game Crash Course Book.

Identify the top pre-flop hand ranges for 9-handed and 6-handed play. Includes charts and tables of the top hand ranges. Use these charts to help your understanding of opponent's hand ranges when you are reading the guide. You can also use these charts for equity calculations in a poker equity calculator such as PokerStove.

Book Preview

What others said about the last book

"Excellent guide for beginners and poker enthuasists who want to improve their MTT game. I liked the so called Offensive arsenal a lot which explained many ways to aggressively accumulate chips by abusing the weak players." -Tapio Moilanen
"The MTT guide really elevated my game. I went from a break even player to one that sees more cashes. Seeing more top 3 cashes instead of min cashing then before this book. Must buy to improve your game to the next level." -Ryan Mccarroll
"If you want to read an MTT book.... this book is the one." -Chris Stalz
"My profits were marginal, if not losses and I was in the bottom of a slump. I decided to get the MTT guide just to support After opening it, it reminded me of some small things that slipped out of my game. And just two weeks later I shipped a nice 4.6k for first. Definately the best investment I've made." -JD
"I used to play tournaments but I didn't have the slightest idea of what I was doing. With this book, I know now what to do, when to do something and why I do so. It has turned me from a survival player (hoping to last as long as possible) to a player wanting to take down the tourney and giving me myself the best possible chance of taking it down!

I especially like the 'offense/defense' part, which has helped me several ways to cope with situations everyone ends up at some particular moment in the tourney. It does feel good knowing how to deal with specific situations and making the best of it. Thanks for the knowledge and the motivation that comes along with it! Cheers and get stackin' :-)" -Frederik 'MoenShot' Daneels
"After reading the MTT guide a few times I noticed my results improve drastically. I went from an "okay" player to having a 30% ITM and a ROI of 107%. So if you think you're solid already you should give this guide a try and I bet you you will notice an improvement right away!" -Patrick Kuijpers
"Best MTT guide to understand and implement right from the start." -Shane Hill
"I first started playing poker 3 years ago but got serious about it only last year. Back then, my ego was sky-rocketing, I always thought that I'm really good at playing poker. I won several MTT's and turned my first 10$ deposit into 200$ in a matter of days, until the fateful day came, when I busted my bankroll... I took a break from poker and began studying by reading all kinds of books. Majority of those books offer complex information and always leaves you with more questions. Unlike this MTT guide, which was a bargain for a deal. I read through this guide, I found the information plain, simple and very easy to understand. I learned from this 44 page MTT guide way more than I did from reading all those complex books that never really answer simple questions. Ever since I've read this guide twice, I've become a way better player than before. To be honest, I feel ashamed when I think of the way I played before. Now, my results are improving and finally winning while keeping my bankroll alive. On top of that, I'm getting free practice every time.

I am really thankful for this guide because it has made me into a way better player than I ever was. I will practice, I will learn, and I will most definitely GET STACKIN." -Gatis T
"I really enjoyed the book. It improved my game by a lot because I got an other view at the game. I was always the agressive fish now I've became a normal player. I still play for fun but also play to win. I would like to know more about cash games also because I am always trying new things out and cash games isn't my strongest point... Thanks for the help with the MTT's." -Stefan Rietbergen
"I received the MTT guide about a week ago, and even though I didn't win a tourney yet, it really helped me step up my game, especially deep in tournaments around the money bubble and final table bubbles. I actually make it in the money now with a nice stack instead of just squeaking in. and I have made 6 final tables this week alone. I had two 2nd place a 3rd a 5th and two 7th place finishes.

I love that he talks about pre-game prep to get and keep your head in the game. I recommend this book to any level player." -Louis Frisina
"Even though I already knew about most of the concepts in the eBook, I think this is a perfect guide to keep in mind all the important concepts for MTTs. Also the chapter with the different "plays" is very useful to gain some more chips during your MTTs." -Manuel Gracia
"Mate, your MTT guide is a stand out from other tournement strategy books due to fact that you actually provide a winning strategy for MTT's! You've managed to consolidate a ton of of key concepts such as the human element of the game in a really unique way that has allowed me to continue to develop my game.

Your tips on what you shouldn't do in situations (like allowing yourself to lose focus during a long tournement), not just what you should do, mixed in with easily overlooked concepts including bubble play, have made a huge difference to my MTT strategy. I've gone from feeling intimidated by MTT's to feeling like I'm the one with the edge!" -Craig Brewer
"Fantastic read. A must read for all levels." -Nigel Jones
"Evan's MTT guide is easy to understand and contains lots of helpful information. I highly recommend beginner and experienced players to make an small investment buying this book! A+" -Barry Burgmeijer
"The thing that I loved about the book is that I felt like it was coming straight from you. Aside from the of the content, I felt that you were completely successful in keeping the text from getting sterile and repetitive... I think that this is a useful guide no matter if you've been playing for 15 minutes or 15 years! This can be read many times over to continue to keep the entirety of the game in mind from first deal to final hand. As someone who has been playing for over a decade, read at least 20+ books, and been a viewer of many training websites, this MTT guide will help align your mindset to top dead center going into any MTT! Thank you for writing it and I look forward to your next book. Now excuse me while I take what I've learned, go out there, and get stackin!!" -Christian Pessini
"I received the book as a gift, and have to say it did wonders for my MTT game. I went from mostly min cashing to making a lot more deep runs, most recently a 4th in the Bovada 10k for $750. For this price it's a huge value, and I'll probably end up buying this new book if I don't win the promotion. Keep up the great work Gripsed!" -Justin Ellison
"I have to say it was an easy read, I retained a lot more information from its straight forward direct concepts and structure. Since reading the book, checking out some of the videos that talk about the same things and joining in on one of Evan's live streams. PLAYER! has been STACKIN!

I had just under $50 left after a poor micro cash living and i turned that into just under $650 which to me was amazing as I've generally lost or broke even. There is a lot of information out there and a lot of ways to play and an amazing amount of videos but I found it all came together when I started making use of all the tools out there even just a little of each. The book led me to the right videos, the right stream, the right tourneys and the right decisions to make my game so much better. I no longer sit at a table waiting for people to drop out so I can min cash. I'm going to win and play to win because Ive been taking what I learnt, I went out there and I got STACKIN!!" -Martin Fuller
"Exceptional MTT strategy book. I love that it takes you from pre-game to late game and there are good specific strategies for the different stages. I would have wanted to see more examples and maybe links with exemplifying videos that you recorded yourself tailored to the book. However the book did teach me most about the different offensive and defensive moves and especially when and when not to use them." -Douglas Nordquist