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The Next Evolution in Poker Training

Discover the Gripsed Poker Training Platform!

One of the best documented ways of learning is through interaction with others. We focused on this when creating the Team Gripsed Training Platform.

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A Complete Poker Training Platform


Built for teams. Connect with friends. Find new study budies. Let a community of like-minded players help improve your game.

For All
Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner or already a regular at the tables, you'll find insights from players and coaches who can help you.

& Bonuses

Earn some flair or let players know your accomplishments. Participate & help others to earn rewards and bonuses for your game.


Get direct feedback from professional coaches on issues or leaks in your game. Want to know how you should have played that spot?

Designed With You In Mind

We've designed the Gripsed Training Platform to help improve your game - no matter your skill level, game you play or your limit. If you've ever been a part of a study group or ever wanted direct feedback from professional coaches, then you'll appreciate the openess and connectiveness of the Gripsed Training Platform. We're building in components to offer your rewards, recognition and some ways to pad your bankroll.

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Backed With A Roster of Pros

Head Instructor - Evan 'Gripsed' Jarvis

4 straight WSOP Main Event cashes and over 10 years of tournament experience, Evan is an experienced player with a passion for helping others. Evan has studied with some of the best minds of the game and taken himself & others to the next level through his unique approach to healthy living and mental preparation.

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Our Coaches & Team Pros

Greg Merson, Matt Jarvis, Charlie Carrel, Griffin Benger, Ben Heath & more. Our pros use the Gripsed foundations and teachings to help improve their game. Whether through livestreams, direct coaching, comments or videos - our team pros & coaches will help improve your game too.

Over 9,207 Members & counting

Join the only Community focused on growing your game in & out of poker!

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  • 6-handed opening range guide
  • Guide to early stage MTT play
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