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Yin to Win: Yoga for Poker

Yin to Win - Yoga for Poker

We know how stressful the poker scene can be, and that stress doesn't just take a toll on your mind, it affects your body as well. This type of stress can make or break your bankroll, which is why we've developed  the Yin to Win Yoga for Poker program to help you manage your stress and allow you to go on deeper runs, capitalize on opportunities and increase your bankroll.


Includes 5 unique yoga programs (30 minutes each):

  • Quieting Your Monkey Mind
  • Dealing with Fear
  • Mindful Detachment
  • Accepting Anger
  • Overcoming Guilt

BONUS: Includes 2 Meditation videos for relaxation & calming


Stay calm, cool and collected at the poker table with the Yin to Win peak performance yoga program. Here are the top 10 benefits for utilizing this unique Yoga program to help you not only become a better poker player, but simply lead a happier, more fulfilled life:

  1. Calm and balanced mind and body
  2. Increased functional mobility of the yin tissues, which occupies 1/2 of our whole bodies functional mobility
  3. Increased flexibility, range of motion and moisture and durability of joint
  4. Reduced stress and anxiety
  5. Deep rest and relaxation through mindful living
  6. Preserves moisture of tissues
  7. Increased circulation
  8. Helps us to keep doing the things we are inevitably going to do for longer
  9. Deeper connection and understanding of body and mind
  10. Freedom from deep and long held emotional and physical restrictions

Includes 5 Yin Yoga workout programs, about 30 minutes each, plus 2 bonus meditations that work especially well with Peak Performance Poker. It is best to only do one program at a time, choosing the program that best suites your emotional and physical state. Finish a workout before your poker session for better clarity and focus on the game. Get It




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