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MTT Mastery Foundations

MTT Mastery Foundations

The foundations of your poker game are the core concepts and theories that go behind every hand, every decision you make on the poker table. Make sure your fundamentals are solid, and you'll be in +EV situations more often. This bundle is perfect for online or live players looking to strengthen or reinforce their game.



  • Gripsed Cash Game Crash Course
  • Gripsed MTT Strategy Guide
  • Gripsed Hand Ranking Cheat Sheets for 9 & 6 handed play
  • Gripsed Poker Glossary

BONUS: Gripsed MTT Video Strategy Guide download (10-part video series)


Cash Game Crash Course - This extensive book will teach you the fundamentals and understandings of successful cash game play - essentially, everything you need to know to play poker like a pro. Perfect for any skill-level player and any style of player. I guarantee if you take these lessons to heart and act on them, you'll see improvements in your game.

MTT Strategy Guide - I’ve packed my MTT Strategy Guide with tips, tricks and tools to help you every step of the way, from registration all the way to the final table. By the end, you’ll have an invaluable basis of information that’ll help you dominate every tournament setting, from weekly homegames to major events like the WSOP.

Hand Ranking Cheat Sheets - Hand ranking charts for 9 and 6-handed tables. These charts visualize hand strength so you can better determine and learn your opponnents' ranges. Use with an equity calculator to determine spots.

Gripsed Poker Glossary - You can't walk the walk if you can't talk the talk on a poker table. This definitive list of poker terms, lingo and vocabulary will help your poker etiquette and communication on the table.

MTT Video Strategy Guide - The definitive Gripsed video series that takes you through every step of your tournament game. This 10-part series explores all aspects of tournaments, both live and online. This is the ultimate guide to strengthening your fundamentals. Get the download so you can watch it anywhere without needing an internet connection.

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