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Evan Jarvis - About Gripsed


My name is Evan Jarvis, lead instructor of Get Stackin' University. Welcome to where my goal is to see you reach your full potential as a poker player. This site is about so much more than just poker training: in helping you reach your full potential as a poker player, I also aim to help you become the best human being you are capable of becoming, by improving all areas of your life. Winning on the poker tables is a great time, but winning every day in the game of life, that's where the real fun is!

Ever since I saw Chris Moneymaker win the World Series Of Poker Main event in 2003 on ESPN, turning $40 into $2.5 Million, I have been in love with the game of poker. I've always loved strategy games, card games and psychology, and here was a game that incorporated all those elements and could be played for real money! I found a had a knack for poker right away, but that wasn't enough to satisfy me, I wanted to be great.

I read every piece of poker literature I could find, starting with Super System and working my way through internet sites and forums. As soon as poker training sites were introduced I was watching every video offered, to stay ahead of the game, and improve my ability to win money. Over the course of my career I have played and excelled at many forms of poker: Sit N Go's, Full Ring No-Limit Hold'em, Shorthanded No-Limit Hold'em, and Multi Table Tournaments. Each format helped me grow as a player showing me the importance of different aspects of the game.

Some key things each format taught me:

♠ Sit N Go's - Staying alive and in the game is of the utmost importance
Full Ring - Positional awareness and hand selection are essential to avoid losing situations
♠ Shorthanded - Aggression when used properly is the ultimate weapon at the poker table
♠ Tournaments - To change your life circumstance you have to be willing to take chances

I was fortunate to only make two losing $100 deposits before running up by third deposit to a bankroll of over $100,000. This allowed me to play 5/10 no limit hold'em cash games comfortably which had always been a goal of mine. But that wasn't enough for me, I wanted to be successful in all forms of poker, i wanted to be the best, so I had to learn from the best.

In 2011 I decided to seek tutelage from some of the greatest minds in the game, to find out what separated the greats from the goods. My greatest mentor was Greg Merson, who I lived with for 12 months prior to his victory in the World Series of Poker. I also studied under Anthony GreggCalvin AndersonGriffin BengerSimon Charette and Grayson Ramage. I greatly improved my game, but after studying with them I realized that there was a key ingredient to success at poker that went beyond knowing the strategy at the tables. And that is why I created

I have won almost half a million dollars playing online poker tournaments, over a hundred thousand playing live tournaments, and over a hundred thousand dollars playing cash games. Every summer I get to live my dream, playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event. But even with my success in poker, and the financial freedom that came with it, it wasn't until I started working on the other areas of my life: Health and Relationships that I truly felt happy.

I've always had a passion for teaching and have been creating poker training videos for over 5 years. I want people to be able to enjoy the same great life that poker has provided me, by improving their poker skills, acquiring a skill to make money, and using that money to enhance their lives and the lives of others. I believe that everyone has it in them to be a great poker player, provided they are willing to work on the key areas. I also recognize that the dangers in taking up poker because of its gambling elements, which is why I also want to educate on the risks of gambling and how to protect yourself from them. Here at I don't want to just see you hit it big and slowly give it back to the casino or poker sites. I want to arm you with knowledge and tools in all areas of your life, so that when you hit your big score, you can get the most out of it and live your dream!

If you're interested in becoming the best poker player you can be, then join Team Gripsed! There's strength in numbers, and knowledge is power, and we've got both of those in spades.


Happy Stackin'

- Evan 'SenorPokes' Jarvis